Volume 3: Imaginary Engineering

by Lex Vegas

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The 3rd Album brought to you by Lex Vegas and K-Now with production from MC Bison, nicodxmvs and Lex Vegas.


released January 1, 2014

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Marc Bourgon at MO/EX Studios Cambridge Ontario
All Lyrics by Lex Vegas and K-Now.



all rights reserved


Lex Vegas Cambridge, Ontario

I'm Steve. Collaborating with K-Now, Cliteral Hoodrat, H.A.F, Black Ice, MC Bison, Muffin Dust, and anyone else who wants to fuck with us.

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Track Name: Monday Massacre
doing back flips over fat tracks like bacon back strips going hard until my back slips then that's it
an introduction to a villain with no mask or cape
mc vegas killing pussy while you masturbate
comin like an avalanche i'm spittin this from acid glands
your flows as significant as garbage is to ants or plants
I cause you pain like a flashback after a crash got the upper class sass branch like sassafras
I take care aware of your dirty flows come quick with 30 hoes clean dumb spits then hurry home
for my fix mixing shit for those fiending for a flow find a meaning in between a line combine and go
the way I spit could fill the catacombs of ancient Rome ancient bones aching in my ancient soul been payin tolls
if you wanna start some shit we can take some polls and see the way your payments fold while all I stay is in control
we're bout to take a trip cause spines split when this tilts time
thick lines convince the mind of an extra eye
define a sick view mothers miss you when I unhitch you from the bandwagon it creates a dire issue
yeah i abuse ceremonial masters cause I have to ask how did you bastards get titled amongst those chapters
i use abstract tools that blast fools with tassels a hassle like cashews in brambles of statues
I got my hustle on and I be looking-to master shit while keeping all my muscles strong you fuckers got a lack of it
distracted by the pack of bastards happening they pack it in with blackened pins I stack my sins attack the passionate
ease up on the mic your hands are cramping you should play it safe maybe stick to golf maybe just go camping
staying faded in the shade you could say I'm lampin
as genuine as men who sin I'm rap games Eric Clapton
Clamping onto this because the game has gone to shit and then I wanna breathe into the mic and harm all of the kids
your words are in inept because you lack in respect so you gotta give me credit cause I left you all in debt
Track Name: Slow Jams
extra senses looking extra terrestrial extracurricular with big ass extra testicles
I'm the freak with the silver hair sitting on my silver chair always debonaire regularly care
bout making flows that kick the derriere nice as Perrier tasty raps your recognitions barely there
got strong packs of kin bomb raps to win
strong arming cats like I was moms discipline listen in and understand
that we be holding mics tight and you got fumbling hands drop the microphone in light fights
I am so outta sight I know what nights like
fucking cocksuckers still be sleeping with a night light
making art in rooms like Goya
king of the ring Latino legend call me De La Hoya
call me better flower
call me metal soldier
call me master of Eris I Rosetta stone her
make you humble like the Iron Sheik
Imma buster like the one who beat the iron beast
living in a bio-dome we're chilling up in higher homes
sitting in a pile a bones immortal gods on fire thrones
Track Name: Noose
you're as fragile as a crack on the back of a glass
I'm the top of the class if you gotta ask
I'm blasting through these bars like brick breaker thick wafers correcting any misbehavior
better savor this flavor on the paper much later i disappear won't bless your ears like a savior
living underground with the worms and taters
deep rooted in those grass roots never fuck with haters
addicted to the game since 13
I worked paper routes now im working paper murking
smirking with my people I consider them the smart kids
got the dirty feet that be fucking up your carpet
the smartest of bros in Ontario
i'm a nice guy very friendly when I'm sharing hoes
honey badger I get atcha skin tearing slow bring the rapture like Whoa where'd he go? Leading MC's cause their hairy goats
wearing fancy Cherry Robes while you ain't wearing clothes
call me the Sandman like Bam Bam I bury foes
and you clowns know I'm brown as Scenario
bold statements in the matrix 1's and 0's
derail any hope that you had no heroes yo
start with the big to small ignite the inner fires
my kits got more hits than that bitch Mariah
when lexy bakes you will get snacks
when lexy shakes angry fists better get back
everybody wants to know the recipe mess with me and you might feel the ecstasy then rest in piece.

I despise them rip our their eyes then confine them in a small box dug deep that they die in
magnetized flem sticks to sight ends it's frightening
forever seeing dead friends with your eyes stems i make you memorize them
then I devise my vocab to bend you with a devilish menu
I'll show you what I can do.
Send you to a new dimension -no one comprehends you
eat fools like dunkaroos who the fuck are you to think you could sink this ship all you suckers are like vacuums
I crack brooms on the backs of whack crews I lack feuds cause my acts are all lewd
never-mind these clues you're as fucked up as the Bluths
getting shushed up by the mother goose always lose so whats the use?
don't be mad at me cuz don't have that much to lose
Imma burst your bubble like that dude in Bust-a-Move
I'm not Mexican but lex is king
Punchlines to your fucking gut now you're outta breathe again
complex raps mean I write with a complex pen
you can call me the President of excellence
Track Name: MC Bison Presents
This is the therapeutic methods of expression
makin an impression of your thoughts your intentions
the language that we speak is unique
peeling back the layers see the feelings underneath
complete with release from the dark
walking out of fires wearing nothing but your heart
the truth is that the loot is in the message
believing in a movement just like Brutus did to end it

so fuck all them hoes that be stepping on ya toes
all those bitches need is a bop to the nose yo
take a lesson in the methods of communication
who's to say when dues are paid cause when time is up the timers done
never fuck around with suckas who aint having fun
bringing ruckus with my fam like it was meant to be
crushing fools with the old school tools lyrical density